Why Should I Choose Pawn Wizard ?

Let's discuss why you should choose Pawn Wizard over other programs in the industry.  First and foremost Pawn Wizard is the best value and has the lowest cost of ownership of any actively developed Windows® based product available today.  A powerful product,  Pawn Wizard handles all of the normal daily functions required for a typical pawnshop.  We handle Pawns, Buys, Sales, Layaways, Repairs, Consignments and more as well as Inventory and   Management Reports.  Our product is time tested and proven reliable in over 9 years of daily use in pawnshops across the country.  Our product is simple to install, learn and use.  You can install our product in less than 20 minutes and with our unique "self-configuring" installation we pre-load the interest rates and fees normally applicable in your state.  This allows you to not only install quickly but in most cases be up and running ready to take your first customer's transaction in less than 25 minutes!  No other product installs so quickly and easily. 

     These are just a few reasons why Pawn Wizard has continued to grow.  We are doubling in size every year!  More and more shops are choosing Pawn Wizard for their pawn shop management software.  Read on for more...

Are you opening a new pawnshop? 

Are you a computer novice and think that computerizing your shop would be too difficult?  

Do you own or are you buying an existing pawnshop that isn't computerized? 

Do you have an exisitng pawnshop looking to replace outdated hardware and software? 

Do you have an exisitng pawnshop and feel your curren't software is too expensive to maintain?

For answers to these questions read on ... 


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