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Support Guidelines

Intent of our Support Program Guidelines

--We at Wizard Software strive to offer the highest level of quality support to all of our loyal customers.  In order to provide all our customers with support in a timely manner and to assure that we are able to properly handle your support needs, we have established some basic procedures and requirements.  We have set up these reference guidelines so that all of our clients can be served in the best possible manner appropriate to their individual needs.

What types of Support are available?

Basic Support is available FREE for all licensed or evaluation Pawn Wizard clients. This option is appropriate for a computer user who simply needs to ask a brief “How do I…?” or other basic usage questions that can be answered in about one to two minutes. Basic Support is available during our regular business hours Monday – Friday. Most questions are handled within the same business day. 24-48 hours may be required for replies on certain issues. Compliance with General Support Requirements is required for all Basic Support clients.

Quarterly Program Updates are available for a nominal fee and include all enhancements and improvements we have made to the program during your subscription quarter. These self-extracting files are easily downloaded and applied by any computer user who possesses basic computer skills. A CD-ROM can be shipped for an additional $10.00 fee if the user site is not able to download the updates from our web site. Support for installing the new files is not included in the price of the Quarterly Program Updates.

Per Incident and Semi-Annual Support is available for a nominal fee and offers step-by-step assistance for clients who have prepaid in applying Program Updates, mapping the program in a network environment or resolving any other program issue that the client may have encountered. Compliance with General Support Requirements is required for all Per Incident and Semi-Annual clients.

Premium Support is for the client who wants top priority in having any question immediately addressed and who wants to have Technical Support available to walk him through any questions or issues on a step-by-step basis. Premium Support is available to all customers on a pre-paid Semi-Annual or Annual basis and includes all Quarterly Program Updates and enhancements at no additional charge. The Premium Support package includes priority telephone support and (with your permission) our Support staff can also take remote control of your computer desktop in order to correct an issue on your behalf. Internet access for the computer running Pawn Wizard is required, either via phone line or high-speed connection (preferred). Premium Support can also be available during extended business hours 7 days a week. Most issues are handled within 2 hours on the same business day but support times may be longer on complex issues. Compliance with General Support Requirements is required for all Premium Support clients.

General Support Requirements

Your store should have a designated person to work with us on support issues.  This person should have basic knowledge of how to browse files in My Computer, attach files to email to send to us if needed, and must also be able to perform copy, paste and editing functions.  Although we can work with users that don’t possess these basic skills, it is considerably more time consuming and may affect your support times and under limited circumstances it may determine whether we are able to support your installation. At times during a support issue we may ask you to provide us with files or other details from your local PC to assist us in identifying or correcting the problem.  If you fail to provide us with the requested information we may not be able to complete your support request.


Multi-user (network) installations must have a working Windows network.  Your PC’s must be able to “see and talk” to each other prior to us assisting you with installing our products.


We do not support issues relating to problems outside of our product such as connectivity issues on your local printers, installing a computer network, configuring PC’s, or issues with your O/S, Anti-Virus or Firewall software, etc. We cannot support any customer using equipment that fails to meet our Minimum System Requirements (see FAQ page).

Premium Support -What's Included

Premium Support Agreement

What’s Included / Covered

  • Priority telephone support in having any question addressed in a timely manner by a real person
  • Issues are handled immediately or within 2 hours on the same business day in most cases but support times may be longer on more complex or involved issues. 
  • Step by Step Support available to walk you through any questions or training issues.
  • Remote Control to fix problems -When required Support staff can also take remote control of your computer desktop in order to correct an issue on your behalf. (Internet access for your Pawn Wizard PC required)
  • Backup Restoration Assistance in the event of a hard drive crash we will assist you in re-installing and configuring our program on the new hard drive
  • New PC configuration Assistance if you need to replace an existing PC or workstation with a different one we will assist you in installing/configuring our program for that PC
  • Product updates to your program directly from our website.  You are responsible for downloading and installing updates although we will train you in the update process.
  • FREE e-Form pawn tickets from Wizard Software Development for your Pawn Wizard program (covering up to 10,000 new ticket transactions per year) 
  • Discounts for custom work on forms, tickets, labels used in conjunction with our program.  Custom changes typically include logos or layout changes that are unique to the form / ticket / label only and do not require programming changes to support the layout change.
  • Guaranteed Renewal Rate - Support agreement renewal rate guaranteed not to increase for 3 years for Premium Support agreements purchased before January 31, 2009.  For rate guarantee to apply your Support agreement must be renewed prior to December 31 of 2009 and each succeeding year.  Failure to renew prior to December 31 will subject renewal to a maximum 20% surcharge for that year and subsequent years

What’s Not Included / Covered

  • We will not train/tutor you in any area of running your business. You must understand how the pawn business works.  We have invested a huge amount of time and money to learn the pawn business from the ground up to provide you with premium pawnshop management software.  Should you wish training in the pawn business we can offer some excellent resources that specialize in such services.
  • We cannot “learn or think” for you.  You must be able/willing to learn how to use our software by following our verbal and written directions.  Repeated calls on the same topic within a short period of time are indicators that you are expecting us to do your thinking for you which may cause our support to be excluded on such repeated topics.
  • We are not responsible for training all your employees of staff on the use of our program.  We train the designated point of contact in your organization at time of purchase, it then falls upon that person to train/support others within your shop on the usage of our program. Should the designated point of contact leave your organization it is your responsibility to retrain a new person on the usage of the program.  If you wish us to do so it will be subject to an additional fee.
  • We do not include program updates for changes in Regulatory or Law Enforcement requirements not initially included in our program.  Any changes in these areas that require additional programming on our part will be subject to an additional fee.
  • Any issue not specifically listed in the “What’s Covered” section will be excluded from coverage unless at Wizard Software’s sole discretion coverage is deemed allowed.  Coverage of any such issue will be on a case by case basis and does not guarantee same or similar issues will be covered in the future for the same or other clients.

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